The co-op’s external waitlist is currently closed for both market and RGI (rent-geared-to-income) households. Management is not accepting applications at this time. Please be advised that if you are interested in living at Upwood Park/Salvador Del Mundo Co-operative Homes we ask that you please apply through the City of Toronto website.




UPWOOD PARK/SALVADOR DEL MUNDO CO-OPERATIVE HOMES INC. has been formed to provide non-profit housing at cost to its members and that the Co-op relies on participation of members.

An application fee of $15.00 for single applicants, or $25.00 for family application is payable to UPWOOD PARK/SALVADOR DEL MUNDO CO-OPERATIVE HOMES INC. when submitting the application to the co-op office.

Should you require a parking spot, please provide proof of ownership, registration and insurance to the office and you will be assigned a parking spot. You must park in your assigned spot only. Please do not leave your cars in the visitor’s parking lot or park in other spaces underground. Your visitor’s should be parked in designated visitor’s parking lots (located at each corner of the property). Parking is an additional $30.00 per spot.

All applicants and members of the applicants household are either Canadian Citizens, Permanent residents in Canada or refugee claimants.

To apply for membership at Upwood Park Co-op, you must fill out our application form and submit it to the office when completed along with the following:

City of Toronto - How to Access Social Housing Website